TK Media’s Caring for Communities

TK Media’s President and CEO, Tammie Nielsen announced today that TK Media’s outdoor division has launched their “Caring for Communities” program for their clients. Mrs. Nielsen along with her husband, Keith Nielsen have been very active in the community serving on boards of many organizations, volunteering countless hours and helping to raise money for many charitable organizations and foundations.

According to Mrs. Nielsen “Knowing that with a depressed economy it becomes more difficult for these organizations to fund their important projects as well as sustain their budget, we began looking for ways that we could help. Caring for Communities was the result of that brain storming session. Caring for Communities is a program that we offer to our clients, when they adversities with TK Media’s outdoor division Adswork4u, a portion will be donated to the charity of their choice.

Our hope is to donate seventy five thousand dollars ($75,000) by the end of 2009. Caring for Communities will include all 501©3 nonprofit, school districts, libraries and churches. Caring for Communities program is not the only program we have to help non profits. For more information you can contact TK Media directly.


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  1. Great company, the Nielsen’s have been some of the most active people in the community, Thanks for all you do…

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