Project to record history

Updated: 10.20.09

Early next year, Pasadena will get the coffee-table treatment when the Pasadena Historical Society expects to debut a new book detailing the city’s history in photos and stories.

Released by Historical Publishing, the book is a photographic essay of Pasadena and will go to the Pasadena Historical Society and several of its community projects, such as the refurbishing of a historical home, Prairie House, on Shaver Street, near Pasadena High School, which was recently moved from Memorial Park.

“We’re making a coffee-table-style book of the history of Pasadena,” said PHS President Keith Nielsen.

Written and compiled by local historian David Pomeroy, is a partnership project.

“We’re going to have some new pictures and some new stuff and bring it a little up to date about where we are in the city,” said Nielsen.

Planned as a two-part journey – as social history and then as a business history.

“It will something where people can see what is going on and see where we came from,” said Nielsen.

Pomeroy has asking the public for contributions, whether through old photographs and personal recollections.

While Pomeroy has written extensively on Pasadena’s history, the book will be the PHS’s first foray into publishing and an update on the city’s current landscape.

“It’s something that hasn’t been done in a while and we’re just trying to get something out there,” said Nielsen.

The book is just one more way the PHS keeps the city’s history on the books and on record. The renovation of Prairie House is the first stage of the building it as a museum.

For more information on the Pasadena Historical Society, visit


2 Responses

  1. My husbands family(s) are long time Pasadena families.I am sending this to him so he can contact the historical society (or you can contact him – John Draper )
    God bless you and yours,

  2. My Grandparents were Thomas and Edna Shaw who had a home and garden on shaver street. I have fond, childhood memories of smelling fresh baked breads, visiting the garden, the rug on the living room floor and the photo. It held a special place on the living room wall. He smiled at all who came in. It was a black and white photo portrait of My uncle Robert Shaw in his navy uniform. “Bobby” he was called. He was the first, you know, that we lost in WWII. He was assigned to the the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. I shall get with my cousins and see what historicals we can contribute.
    If you like.

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