Representative Legler Outraged Over Washington Trampling Individual and States Rights.

Rep. Legler expresses his outrage at the recently passed Democrat Health Plan mandate. “I believe this comes at a time that America cannot afford it and I agree with Attorney General Greg Abbott when he stated it is “unconstitutional and tramples individual and states rights.” The mandate on the citizens of Texas was passed by only 3 votes in the US House of Representatives on March 21, 2010 and will cost an approximate $940 billion dollars of your money.

“In a time when Texans are facing job losses and tight personal budgets it amazes me that those in Washington are telling Texans as well as the other 49 states that they must purchase health insurance.” stated Legler. Under the plan, business would be penalized if they do not offer health coverage to their employees and business in the health care industry will be faced with new federal taxes. Small and family run businesses will be hit especially hard by this mandate.

This bill puts an additional one sixth of the US economy in the control of the federal government.

“I support the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker in the lawsuit that will be filed against the federal government.” stated Legler.


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