Sarah’s House 10 years after

hurricane_katrina_formingIt hard to believe Katrina was 10 years ago! I recall the feeling I had when Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, my wife was on the board of a struggling homeless shelter that had not been able to open up yet, they had a mission but no money. Two women with big hearts and an idea to aid homeless women & children in Pasadena TX had been offering some services to the homeless but had got there building ready to serve the community. When we seen the destruction of Katrina on the Gulf Coast we knew we had to do something, it hit all at once, we must get the shelter opened! As I remember everyone kicking into action and taking a giant leap of faith to get the doors opened up at Sarah’s House. We had no money but we were ready to serve.

It didn’t take long before people who lost everything started making their way into Texas and into the Houston Astrodome, I remember some board members going there to see if they could help and bringing back victims of this devastating storm to the shelter from an overcrowded Astrodome. We got to see firsthand how Sarah’s House was able to make a difference in people’s life’s, it’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago.

Well Sarah’s House is still open and starting a new journey at its new location, I thank all the volunteers and staff members over the years for their commitment and wish Sarah’s House all the best.


Special Thanks to the Founders with a vision,

Kathleen Miller and Nancy Mcgill



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